Key Contact Program

SNA-WI Legislative Key Contact Program

Are you interested in influencing the policy process and improving school nutrition in Wisconsin? By participating in the SNA-WI Key Contact program, you can help school nutrition professionals make their mark on legislation considered and passed by the State Legislature.

The SNA-WI Key Contact Program is a strategic grassroots advocacy program designed to help the organization build strong, on-going relationships with legislators across the state. The program allows SNA-WI to identify members who personally know their legislators and help them develop those relationships to increase the organizations’ influence in the legislative process.

The Key Contact program also provides SNA-WI with a list of members who are knowledgeable in specific issue areas and are willing to testify at legislative committee hearings.

SNA-WI Key Contacts need to be committed advocates who are willing and available to participate as leaders in the organization’s advocacy program. Typically, a Key Contact is someone who:

  • Has an established relationship with a state legislator(s);
  • Has a comfort level engaging in intense advocacy activities; and/or
  • Has an understanding of the legislative process and how it can impact school nutrition.

For further information on the Program or to become a Key Contact, please submit the form below. You may also download the PDF and submit your form to the SNA-WI offices via fax at 414-276-7704 or

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