2015-16 Annual Conference

Annual Conference Recap

Jennifer Jennings, CDM, CFPP, Annual Conference Chair

SNA’s 2016 Annual Conference stayed true to this year’s theme, Surviving the Changes, as we made some changes to the conference by offering 22.5 CEU’s for members. This is a jump from the 9 CEU’s which we’ve had in the past. We listened to what the members wanted so we added some early morning and later sessions along with pre-con sessions before the kickoff Monday afternoon. One change was having our Leadership Retreat for Chapter Leaders, current board member and those who were on the ballot as the incoming board held on Sunday. Along with the retreat, members had a chance to take the SNS exam as well.

Day 1 provided Pre-Con sessions before our opening session along with the popular tours that we’ve had in the past. The tours were the Kalahari Kitchen Tour and the Wisconsin Dells Duck Tour and we had 3 Pre-Cons members could choose from. The options for the Pre-Cons were a 2 hour Cross Generation Communications given by our Opening Keynote Speaker, Matt Upton, a 1 hour about Motivational Interviewing by Jennifer Thorkildson from Donovan Food Brokerage and we moved our 1st Timer session to a Pre-Con so they would feel more comfortable starting the conference out on the right foot. Starting out with a bang with Matt Upton as our Opening Speaker. He spoke about Transforming Opposition into Opportunity. After listening to Matt, we had breakout sessions until 5:15.For the open night on Monday, attendees were able to attend a wine event at Fawn Creek Winery. This year there was no threat of bad weather so people were able to enjoy a hay wagon tour around the seven-acre vineyard. There was a lot of food and great conversation by all.

Tuesday morning we kicked things off with offering breakout sessions starting at 7am along with Zumba. Then we went into opening remarks and a very fun Chapter Rally activity. Chapter meetings followed by a breakout session were all in before lunch. After lunch and committee updates, we went into breakout sessions until 4:45. Before the DJ started we had a Team Building Scavenger Hunt musical chairs style. Teams of 10 got together and made a chef hat with their team name on it. The leader of their group sat in 1 of the chairs. Instead of looking for physical items, they were given places and things that they would have to take a selfie with and bring it back to the judges. If it wasn’t correct, they had to go find the correct place. Fun was had by all and that led up to the pasta buffet and DJ where we danced the night away until 11pm.

Wednesday morning brought us all back together for opening remarks and the Installation Ceremony for the 2016-2017 board which was conducted by our Midwest Regional Director, Lori Danella. After that our Gold Sponsors had time for the Products on Parade showcase which was followed by the Industry show. We all gathered back again to listen to our Closing Keynote Speaker, Matthew Essner where he spoke about Ignite the Passion. We even got a bonus clip and he showed us all how to do the worm!

This past year planning this conference has flown by. I would like to thank the Steering Committee for all of their help and hard work which goes into planning this big event. I’d like to give a huge Thank You to Judi Smith and Joyce Gaulke for all of your time and energy getting the speakers and help with increasing our CEU’s. Also, a big thank you to all of the speakers and volunteers who helped make this conference a success. Mark your calendars for the 2017 SNA-WI annual conference which will be in LaCrosse at the Radisson Hotel & LaCrosse Center June 25-28. Hope to see you all there!



Speaker Handouts/

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A1- HR: Recognize & Engage Employees 
Susan Lang, RD, SNS

A5- Canned Fruits & Veggies – OutCut, OutSave, OutLast
Handout 2, Handout 3, Handout 4 
Richard Ottman,  Paul Weiler & Kimberly Challoner

B6- Cooking with Flavor: How To Use Spices
Handout 2, Handout 3, Handout 4, Handout 5
Patrick Moore

C4- DPI: Non-Program Food Tools
Handout 2, Handout 3
Deb Wollin, SNS and Linda Krueger, SNS

D1- High School Students Have Time to Eat Breakfast
Susan Malesa

E5- Breakfast in Schools 
Gail Swain

E6- Chop Chop! 
Cynthia Holt, Kelly Williams, RDN, CD & Vanessa Herald, MS

F6- Proper Use of Thermometers 
Handout 2, Handout 3, Handout 4
Geoff Grosz

G1- Witing to Win, Formulating and Writing Equpiment Specifications
Mike Burke, SNS 

H1- Let's Build Participation
Martin Johnson

H4- DPI: Recipe Crediting and Yields 
Molly Gregory, RDN & Janelle Winter, RDN, CD

K2- TEAMWORK: Surviving the Changes Together (Closing Keynote)
Matthew Essner

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